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Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) often provide the most robust data. They can be installed for several weeks, and provide crucial vehicle speed / count data to build traffic models and for use in AADT / Air Quality calculations.

At Traffic Data Collection, we use Metrocount equipment. This equipment is widely recognised as the best and most reliable in the industry, and the output can be tailored to suit your needs. Not only can we provide information on vehicle speeds and classes, but also headway and axle / Chassis Length. Indeed, if after you have received the data you later decide that you would prefer a different output to assist with your modelling needs, we will happily provide this.

All ATC technicians are highly experienced in the installation and analysis of ATCs, and understand the need to select the most appropriate and safest location to install our equipment, ensuring you have the most accurate possible data set.

We can also assist you should you wish to install inductive loop counters on access roads or entrances / exits to your developments.

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