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At Traffic Data Collection Ltd, we believe that data we provide forms the building bricks of traffic modelling and junction assessment. Therefore for the model and assessments to be robust and accurate, the Manual Traffic Count data must be also.

With over 10 years experience of surveying manual traffic counts, we ensure the best location for our survey equipment, and always have extra resources ready to minimise the risk of equipment failure and allow extra equipment to be installed at busy locations to ensure optimum results.

All of our staff are UK based and most are experienced in the coding of manual traffic count data. New staff undergo rigorous training to ensure they understand the correct vehicle classifications, and the most efficient way to code the data.

All data is checked during and after the coding process to ensure accuracy before it is sent to you. Therefore you can be assured of a reliable data set for your modelling and assessment needs.

All our data has peak hour calculations, and can be provided with PCU calculations upon request.

Traffic Data Collection
Manual Traffic Counts Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

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