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Roadside Interviews (RSIs) provide vital origin / destination data for matrix building in traffic modelling. It is therefore crucial that this data be reliable, and that the highest possible sample rate be obtained.

At Traffic Data Collection Ltd we can assist you in selecting the best and safest locations in carrying out these surveys. We can help you liaise with the police and local authorities prior to undertaking any surveys, help you design your traffic management layouts in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Road Signs Manual, and help you design a survey questionnaire to ensure accurate results.

All our interview staff are vetted carefully prior to being allowed on site to ensure they have excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with the public, and understand the need for accurate interviews. Our experienced site supervisors are trained in first aid and in Chapter 8 of the Road Signs Manual.

All our data is quality checked strenuously both during and after the surveys, and is coded in the UK by experience staff. It addition to the quality checks, trips are checked to ensure they are logical.

A detailed site report is provided with all RSI data to help you with your model building and make you aware of any incidents / events that could influence driver behaviour on the day of the survey.

We provide expertise and experience at a reasonable price. Why not contact us and find out for yourself?

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